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Why PSOT's Senior Psychologist, Dr. Akinsulure-Smith, is running the NY Marathon

I am running to raise awareness and money for an organization that is near and dear to my heart:

In a global climate where we see rising xenophobia, exclusion and scapegoating, we may forget that when we talk about survivors, we are talking about “us.” This is about shared humanity, and we need your support more than ever! I have been with PSOT for 20 years now (currently as Senior Staff Psychologist) and am a witness to the incredible healing power of the humanistic, interdisciplinary care that PSOT provides.

Whether they come from Africa, Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, or the Middle East, our clients arrive in the United States with little more than their memories of a horrific past and their dreams of safety and freedom. When they first seek PSOT services they are often sick, frightened, and destitute. They may feel too overwhelmed, alone and confused by their flight to tap into the inner resources that helped them survive their abuse and get here. Yet given appropriate social, legal, medical and mental health supports, the vast majority of men, women and children who have sought our services move forward and develop productive lives and contribute to the rich fabric of New York and across the US.

Your money will help PSOT provide specialized social and psychological services to trauma survivors and pay for medical and psychological services, transportation costs, supplies, and other resources needed by survivors from around the globe.

Please give what you can! Make a tax-deductible contribution online here,

or by check payable to The Survivor Fund.

Indicate Marathon Fundraiser 2019 in the memo section and send to:

Bellevue Program for Survivors of Torture C&D 746

Bellevue Hospital Center

462 First Avenue

New York, NY 10016

On behalf of the many men, women and children your donation will help,


Yinká Akinsulure-Smith

October 2019

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