At the Program for Survivors of Torture, we raise our voices against the use of torture, inhumane treatment, and cruel and unusual punishments in any context.

Our advocacy efforts include:


Testimony at congressional hearings, including Congressional Human Rights Caucus, House Immigration Sub-Committee, and U.S. Senate Intelligence Community

Advocacy for ground-breaking legislation proposed in New York State banning medical participation in torture

Presentations at national and international meetings and conferences

Research and author publications in leading journals

Collaboration with international agencies and other oversight/investigative bodies

Train health and legal professionals, human rights advocates, and government officials

in working with and advocating for survivors of torture, human rights abuses and immigrant detainees

We build networks to advocate for humane policies and to bring the clinician’s voices to the forefront of the debate on U.S. policies and practices regarding torture and indefinite detention of immigrants.

Program for Survivors of Torture

Connect With Us

Bellevue Hospital Center, 462 First Avenue, CD732 New York, NY 10016, Tel 212-562-8713, Fax 212-562-4436

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