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Our research efforts are an extension of our direct care for survivors. Our expert faculty conduct research to learn more about the prevalence of torture and other human rights abuses worldwide, and undertake studies to understand the most effective approaches to treating survivors of horrific trauma. Program staff have authored over 100 articles and chapters in leading scholarly journals and textbooks.


Past and current research:

  • Prevalence and types of human rights violations in refugee crises

  • Appropriateness of “Western” models of illness and treatment in an international and multicultural context

  • Health consequences of human rights abuses and designing/evaluating effective treatment modalities

  • Health of detained immigrants domestically and internationally

  • Impact of forced migration on family functioning among West Africans

  • Prevalence and consequence of traumatic brain injury among survivors of torture

  • Explanatory models of post-traumatic distress in a sample of West African survivors of torture

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