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2020 Phoenix Award Honoree

Mrs. Amal Nugd

Mrs. Nugd is a mother of three from Sudan.  At age 4 she
experienced female genital cutting (FGC), which has caused her pain ever since, and during childbirth, nearly resulted in her death.  In Sudan, Mrs. Nugd was an accomplished journalist who focused on women’s issues and strongly advocated against FGC.  Mrs. Nugd was repeatedly attacked for promoting women’s rights in Sudan including being kidnapped, jailed, beaten, and threatened.  She sustained serious injuries to her abdomen which resulted in a four-month stay at the hospital for internal bleeding.  After this incident, Mrs. Nugd felt she had no choice but to leave her home and family in Sudan and come to the United States to seek safety.

Mrs. Nugd, who applied for asylum in 2015, still awaits a decision on her case. Despite the fear for her family’s safety in Sudan, she continues to make her voice heard on women’s rights and other injustices that still persist in her country today.
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