It is called the Survivor Fund for a reason


JS was 28 weeks pregnant when she was evicted from her New York City residence, only a week before Christmas. She had fled her home in Africa because of persecution and death threats related to her peaceful political activities. With nowhere else to turn, she came to PSOT.


PSOT helped JS find housing and provided her with food and clothing for she and her husband. When her baby daughter was born healthy and happy, JS told us that she named her daughter after one of PSOT staff member's because she felt so grateful. JS was able to get a healthy second start with food and clothing assistance, because of The Survivor Fund.


The Survivor Fund is a 501C-3 non-profit whose mission is to sustain and to support PSOT’s vital work. It is called the "SURVIVOR FUND" because it saves and rebuilds lives. The fund was established in 1997 by volunteers who climbed Mount McCkinley, the highest peak in North America. They wanted to ensure that is fund would serve as a lifeline to PSOT.


Every penny that you donate to us goes to the Survivor Fund and is used for:

  • Food

  • Clothing

  • Emergency housing

  • Transportation (including MetroCards for clients who otherwise would not be able to come to their appointments at PSOT)

  • Medication

  • Immigration expenses

This holiday season you can help someone in need, like JS.

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