Holocaust Remembrance Day

Today we remember that 72 years ago one of the largest concentration camps was liberated and that 11 million people were tortured and killed because of their religion, sexuality, ethnicity, political standing, or physical and mental disability.


Today we remember that those who survived the camps, and the war, lost their homes and families. They became refugees and will forever carry the mark of violence with them. Mass atrocities and acts of torture continue to be perpetrated all around the world; it is up to us help the survivors begin to heal, in a safe country, where they can find refuge.

After the recent executive orders it is imperative that we stand up as a community, united in the spirit of humanity and morality. We must not further the suffering of the world with hate and violence. We ask that you stand in solidarity with us to condemn the use of torture and the ban of refugees.


Stand in solidarity with our clients who are survivors of torture.


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