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Together Again

Tenzin left Tibet about 8 years ago. His life was threatened and he could not protect those he loved from persecution. Fleeing the harsh reality that the Chinese government subjected him to, he came to the United States. Since that day, he had not seen his wife. “Before my wife, came life was really hard and I was always anxious,” Tenzin recounts. He spent two long years compiling the documents that the immigration courts needed to bring his wife to the United States.

Tenzin subsequently lost his job, “I would constantly have to go downtown to give them new documents. I had to take a lot of days off of work.” He expressed, “It’s hard to get jobs because I don’t speak English. I speak Mandarin so I was able to get jobs in places that speak the language but usually when the owners find out that I am Tibetan they won’t hire me. It was hard to keep a job while trying to bring her over.”

Tenzin’s wife finally arrived in May 2017. Tenzin notes, “I am so much more relaxed now, I’m so relieved that she is here—and it is all because of this program.”

Tenzin’s wife is currently in Boston with family members, learning English and gaining job experience. Once she learns enough English and acclimates to being in the United States, they will be together again. Now that she is here, far from harm, he says, “I feel so relieved, even if I don’t have work.”

Tenzin is currently using PSOT programs to help him find a new job and receive the medical and mental health services that he needs.

You can help unite families like Tenzin’s and support the resources that will help him get back on his feet.

Share his story and tell us why you give on #GivingTuesday.

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