"For seven years, I didn’t talk about what happened to me, and I stopped taking care of myself. I don’t think I would be alive today if I hadn’t found the Program."  

Torture and related trauma can have profoundly harmful consequences on an individual’s physical, mental and social well-being.  Therefore our services are holistically designed to provide continuity of care across diverse cross-specialty perspectives informing each survivor’s specialized care plan. This integrated, interdisciplinary approach ensures that we provide the highest quality care and support to survivors in order to begin the process of healing.


We offer clients medical and mental health care, social and legal services regardless of ability to pay. By leveraging vital partnerships with Bellevue Hospital Center, the nation’s oldest public hospital, and NYU School of Medicine, a leader in medical education, we are able to provide survivors with outstanding quality of care and cutting edge treatments. 


Clients’ own assessments of their needs and the services they wish to receive are central to the development of treatment plans. Care is based on the premise that clients are survivors with assets that helped them survive their trauma. If given support and relief from immediate stressors, most survivors can marshal their inherent capacities for adjusting, healing and coping.

Program for Survivors of Torture

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