Mental Health

Clients needing and interested in receiving mental health services are matched with appropriate clinicians for individual, group, or family therapy. The Program also provides psychiatric and psychopharmacological evaluation, treatment and follow-up.

Clinicians and supervisors are trained in and utilize evidence-based techniques for clients with PTSD, depression, and other psychological symptoms. These include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Narrative Exposure Therapy, Breathing Retraining, Relaxation Techniques and Supportive Group Therapy. 

The Bellevue/NYU Program has done pioneering work in ethnoculturally specific supportive group therapy for torture survivors. These groups have been demonstrated to be successful in ameliorating isolation and effective in improving psychological functioning. Our groups are designed to focus more on adaptation than emotional exploration. The content of group discussions comes from the group participants and frequently includes topics such as: loss; navigating the asylum process; cultural adaptation; anger and frustration; the role of faith and religion; and sharing successful coping mechanisms. This model of group support has become central to our Program, which has two French-speaking African groups, an English-speaking African group, an International English-speaking group, a Tibetan group and an LGBT group. 

Program for Survivors of Torture

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