US Treatment Centers

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Access Center of Torture Dearborn, MI. ACCESS is a human services organization committed to the development of the Arab American community, and the greater community. To support this goal, ACCESS provides a wide range of human and cultural services as well as advocacy work.

Advocates of Survivors of Torture and Trauma Baltimore, MD, and Washington, DC. The mission of Advocates for Survivors of Torture and Trauma is to alleviate the suffering of those who have experienced the trauma of torture, to educate the local, national, and world community about the needs of torture survivors, and to advocate on their behalf.

AMANECER Los Angeles, CA. Community Counseling Services is a well established non-profit community mental health services organization annually serving more than 1500 low income, working poor and homeless children, adults and families in Los Angeles.

AMIGOS (Amigos de los Sobrevivientes) . Eugene, OR. AMIGOS is a non-profit, volunteer-based organization serving survivors of political torture from Latin America. Our Residential Program offers psychological, legal and social services to survivors, in conjunction with local hospitals, school, churches, and other community organizations.

Asian Association of Utah (AAU) Salt Lake City, UT. AAU advocates equality for Utah’s Asian Americans and pacific Islanders in areas of immigration, education, and all other socioeconomic concerns of the community. The Association provides direct services to assist Asians and Pacific Islanders in community integration while retaining cultural identity. Services are funded from public and private sources and are provided by bilingual staff.

Boston Center for Refugee Health and Human Rights Boston, Massachusetts. Located at Boston Medical Center, hrough an innovative model of out-patient care, we provide comprehensive medical, mental health, and dental care—coordinated with legal and social services—to over 300 individuals from 67 countries each year. Interpreters are available and speak over 30 languages.

Center for Survivors of Torture Dallas and Austin, Texas. CST’s mission is to provide specialized psychological and rehabilitation services to survivors of torture and other human rights abuses, traumatized refugees and their families in order to promote emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being and economic self-sufficiency

Center for Survivors of Torture San Jose, CA. Part of the Asian Americans for Community Involvement (AACI), the organization’s mission is to improve the health, mental health, and well-being of individuals and their families by providing an array of human services. AACI empowers the Asian American community by working collaboratively for equality and social justice.

Center for Survivors of Torture and War Trauma (CSTWT) St Louis, MO. (CSTWT) is committed to facilitating the psychological and emotional healing process for refugee and immigrant survivors of torture and war trauma by providing them with free culturally appropriate mental health services, advocacy, and community education.

Center for the Prevention and Resolution of Violence Tucson, AZ. Part of the Hopi Foundation. The basic mission is to Help People Help Themselves. The Hopi name, Lomasumi'nangwtukwsiwmani, signifies the process of furthering unity of aspiration blossoming into full maturity over time. We believe in attending to the community in which we live and in the skills of our people.

Center for Torture and Trauma Survivors Decatur, GA. A community-based center of excellence providing services and support to Georgia’s victim of torture as they settle into mainstream community life. The center wishes to live in a world free from torture and where those who survived torture live a meaningful, self-reliant life and break the chains of the past. The client-centered treatment re-connects survivors to self and community by offering a slow, steady, predictable array of relevant therapeutic measures.

Center for Victims of Torture Minneapolis, MN. CVT exists to heal the wounds of government-sponsored torture on individuals, their families, and communities and to stop its practice. They work locally, nationally and internationally to build healing communities where torture survivors feel welcomed, protected and healed.

Cross Cultural Counseling Center, Intl Institute of New Jersey Jersey City, NJ. The institute helps immigrants and refugees build full and productive lives in the United States; works to ensure their fair and equitable treatment; and enhances public awareness of their contribution to American social and economic development. Each year, as we have since 1918, we strengthen the multi-cultural fabric of New Jersey.

F.I.R.S.T. Project for Immigrants & Refugees Surviving Torture Lincoln, Nebraska. FIRST offers comprehensive mental health services to survivors of torture and trauma.

Florida Center for Survivors of Torture Clearwater, Delray Beach, Miami and Tempa, Florida. The Florida Center offers medical and psychological services to survivors of torture as well as training for health care providers on how to respond to the needs of torture survivors.

Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma Cambridge, Massachusetts. HPRT is a multi-disciplinary program that has been pioneering the health and mental health care of traumatized refugees and civilians in areas of conflict and natural disasters for over two decades.

HealthRight International New York, NY.  HealthRight International (formerly known as Doctors of the World) mobilizes the health sector to promote and protect these and other basic human rights and civil liberties for all people, in the United States and abroad. In collaboration with a network of affiliates around the world and in partnership with local communities, we work where health is diminished or endangered by violations of human rights and civil liberties.

International Survivors Center c/o International Institute of Boston Boston, MA. The International Institute of Boston (IIB) and its affiliates in Manchester, NH (IINH) and Lowell, MA (II Lowell), provide a continuum of services that foster the successful transition of immigrants and refugees. Fundamental to all of the Institute's programs and services is the promotion of self-sufficiency; giving clients the tools to help themselves become active participants in the social, political and economic richness of American life.

International Trauma Studies Program- REFUGE New York, NY. The International Trauma Studies Program is committed to enhancing the natural resilience and coping capacities in individuals, families, and communities that have endured and/or are threatened by traumatic events - domestic and political violence, war and natural disaster. ITSP pursues its mission through providing professional training, conducting innovative research, offering technical assistance to international organizations, and helping build a global learning community in mental health and human rights.

Libertas Center for Human Rights New York, NY. The Libertas Center was founded in 2006 by Dr. Lars Beattie and Dr. Rajeev Bais, who provided services to survivors of torture through Elmhurst Hospital’s Emergency Room on a voluntary basis. In March 2010, the Libertas Center opened in its new clinic space at Elmhurst Hospital, with full time staff, to provide comprehensive care and advocacy for torture survivors .

Liberty Center for Survivors of Torture Philadelphia, PA. Part of the Lutheran Children and Family Services. Since 2001, Liberty Center for Survivors of Torture has offered services for restoring hope and providing healing to over 400 torture survivors, from over 45 countries, who currently reside in Pennsylvania, Delaware and southern New Jersey. The Center offers survivors opportunities to regain their sense of self-worth, renew their ability to enjoy life, openly express their fears and hopes, and face the future with confidence.

Lowell Community Health Center Lowell, MA. Lowell Community Health Center aims to provide a welcoming and professional environment for patients and visitors. If you are a new patient at LCHC, you will want to arrive at least 10 minutes early on your first visit. If you are a returning patient, you will want to have any questions or concerns ready to discuss with your doctor or nurse practitioner at your visit.

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS), Detained Torture Survivor Legal Support Network Baltimore, MD. LIRS is one of the nation’s leading agencies of its kind. We resettle refugees, protect unaccompanied children, advocate for just treatment of asylum seekers, seek alternatives to immigration detention and stand for unity for families fractured by unfair laws.

Khmer Health Advocates West Hartford, CT. is dedicated to survivors and their families and is committed to a greater understanding of the physical and psychological illness that comes from war, torture and genocide. We are calling the site the Cambodian Health Network with the hope that it will encourage people across the world, to link together in an exchange of information, ideas, and resources that can help preserve our health and improve the quality of our lives.

Program for Survivors of Torture and Sever Trauma (PSTT) at the Center of Multicultural Human Services Falls Church, VA. The Program was established to address the consequences of human rights abuses. The program assists survivors of politically-motivated torture by providing a comprehensive range of services to address the complex consequences of their torture.

Program For Torture Victims Los Angeles, CA. A non-profit organization whose mission is to alleviate the suffering and health consequences of torture through psychological, medical, and social services to victims of state-sponsored violence. It also works with asylum attorneys on behalf of clients seeking political asylum in the United States, trains primary health providers, advocates for anti-torture legislation and enforcement of laws, as well as adequate and appropriate resources for the treatment of torture survivors.

Rocky Mountain Survivors Center Denver, Colorado. Offers asylum legal representation, social services, and health care services.

Survivors International at the Trauma Recovery Center San Francisco, California. SI offers psychosocial and psychological services including trauma-focused therapy, clinical case management and psychological and medical evaluations to survivors of torture and persecution. 

Survivors of Torture and Trauma Program, Center for Multicultural Human Services Falls Church, Virginia. Offers a range of services, including mental health services, language classes, youth leadership classes, and domestic violence prevention programs to diverse immigrant and refugee populations. CMHS also conducts training for health professionals on how to effectively address the needs of refugee torture survivors.

Survivors of Torture, International San Diego, California. Provides asylum evaluations as well as medical, dental, psychiatric, psychological, legal and social services for survivors of torture.

The Center for Justice and Accountability (CJA) San Francisco, CA. CJA is an international human rights organization dedicated to ending torture and other severe human rights abuses around the world and advancing the rights of survivors to seek truth, justice and redress. CJA uses litigation to hold perpetrators individually accountable for human rights abuses, develop human rights law, and advance the rule of law in countries transitioning from periods of abuse.

The Marjorie Kovler Center for the Treatment of Survivors of Torture Chicago, IL. The Heartland Alliance Marjorie Kovler Center is a treatment program devoted to the recovery and healing of individuals, families, and communities affected by torture. The comprehensive model of care includes, but is not limited to: mental health, medical care, case management, and interpretation and translation services. Our treatment approach is based on the key principles of empowerment, community building, and multidisciplinary services. Our staff and network of volunteers provide culturally competent care that enhances the natural resiliency of torture survivors and assists them in rebuilding their lives in Chicago.

The Torture Abolition and Survivors Support Coalition International (TASSC) Washington D.C. TASSC is the only organization founded by and for torture survivors. The mission of TASSC is to end the practice of torture wherever it occurs and to support and empower survivors, their families and communities wherever they are.

Utah Health & Human Rights Project Salt Lake City, UT. UHHP is a direct service and advocacy agency that promotes the health, dignity, and self-sufficiency of refugees, asylees, and immigrants who have endured severe human rights abuses, including torture, war-related trauma, and human trafficking. UHHP is guided by profound respect for the dignity and resiliency of our clients. We believe that all survivors of human rights abuses deserve the opportunity to live fulfilling, dignified, and productive lives.

War Trauma Recovery Project St. Louis, MO. The War Trauma Recovery Project has adapted and tested empirically supported treatments to address Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and related problems that plague those who have suffered severe trauma due to war, disaster, accident, or as the result of crimes such as domestic violence or torture.